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N.B. Hannay, Editor, "Treatise on Solid State Chemistry", Volume 1-6 Plenum Press, New York/London, 1974-76.

    - Volume 1, "The Chemical Structure of Solids", 540 pp. J.C. Philips: Chemical bonds in solids (41); D. Weaire: Factors controlling the formation and structure of phase (60); J.H. Wernick: Structure and compostion in relation to properties (108); M.E. Fine: Introduction to chemical and structure defects in crystalline solids (51); G.G. Libowitz: Defect equilibria in solids (51); W.W. Meinke: Characterization of solids - Chemical composition (49); R.E. Newnham & R. Roy: Structural characterization of solids (97).

    - Volume 2, "Defects in Solids", 527 pp. D.S. McClure: Electronic structure and spectra of impurities in the more ionic (132); W.B. Fowlwe: The imperfect solid - Color centers in ionic crystals (49); G.E. Peterson: The imperfect solid - Dielectric properties (54); D. Adler: The imperfect solid - Transport properties (96); R.F. Brebrick: The imperfect solid - Semiconductors (62); E.M. Gyorgy: The imperfect solid - Magnetic properties (73); E. Nembach: The imperfect solid - Mechanical properties (51).

    - Volume 3, "Crystalline and Noncrystalline Solids", 774 pp. A.K. Sinha, B.C. Giessen & D.E. Polk: Metastable phases produced by rapid quenching from the vapor and the liquid (88); F.R. Gamble & Geballe: Inclusion compounds (78); L. Eyring & L.-T. Tai: The structural chemistry of some complex oxides: ordered and disordered extended defects (86); A.L. Bawman & N.H. Krikorian: Interstitial phases (40); D.R. Uhlmann: Inorganic amorphous solids and glass-ceramic materials (41); F. Khoury & E. Passaglia: The morphology of crystalline synthetic polymers (162); J.D. Hoffman, G.T. Davis & J.I. Lauritzen, Jr.: The rate of crystallization of linear polymers with chain folding (118); R.G.Kepler: Organic molecular crystals: anthracene (64); Z.G. Soos & D.J. Klein: Organic molecular crystals: charge-transfer complexes (89).

    - Volume 4, "Reactivity of Solids", 721 pp. A.D. Le Claire: Diffusion (59); W.P. Gomes & W. Dekeyser: Factors influencing the reactivity of solids (53); K.E. Spear: High-temperature reactivity (78); F.C. Tompkins: Decomposition reactions (39); H. Schmalzried: Solid-state reactions (47); H. Rickert: Solid-state electrochemistry (51); C. Brown: The photographic process (56); K. Hauffe: Gas-solid reactions - Oxidation (68); M.J. Pryor & R.W. Staehle: Metal-liquid reactions: corrosin (163); J.E. Burke & J.H. Rosolowski: Sintering (39); F.A. Bovey: Reactions of solid polymers (54).

    - Volume 5, "Changes of State", 600 pp. J.F. Nagle: Critical phenomena and phase transitions (66); V. Raghvan & M. Cohen: Solid-state transformations (61); D. De Fontaine: Clustering effects in solid solutions (50); L. Kaufman & H. Nesor: Relation of the thermochemistry and phase diagrams of condensed systems (54); K.A. Jackson: Theory of crystal growth (50); M.E. Jones & D.W. Shaw: Growth from the vapor (41); J.R. Carruthers: Crystal growth from the melt (82); R.A. Laudise: Solution growth (55); J.C. Jaubert & J. Chenavas: New phases at high pressure (49); D. Turnbull & B.G. Bagley: Transitions in viscous liquid and glassses (42); S. Saito: Transitions in solid polymers (38).

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    - Volume 6B, Surfaces II ", 418 pp. T.E. Madey, J.T. Yates, Jr., D.R. Sandstrom & R.J.H. Voorhoeve: Catalysis by solid surfaces (124); F.H. Eisen & J.W. Mayer: Ion implantation and channeling (77); S.R. Morrison: Semiconductor surfaces (62); W. Vielstich, K.H. Hamann, J. Heitbaum, W. Schmickler, H. Schmidt, E. Schwarzer & J.M. Hale: The role of the solid in electrochemical phenomena (77); H.L. Frisch, G.L. Gaines, Jr. & H. Schonhorn: Polymer surfaces (70). 

Hermann Schmalzried, "Solid State Reactions", 2nd compl. Revised Ed., (Monographs in Modern Chemistry 12), Verlag Chemie, Weinheim/Deerfield Beach, 1981, 254 p.

    Chapters: Short introduction to the bonding, structure, and imperfections of solids (10); Short introduction to solid state reactions (8); Crystal defects (17); Thermodynamics of point defects (21); Chemical diffusion in the state (33); Reactions in the solid state - ionic crystals (38); Reactions in the solid state - metals (38); Reactions between solids and gases or between solids and liquids with a solid reaction product (33); Some technologically important solid state reactions (37); Appendix: Problems (3). 

C.N.R. Rao & J. Gopalakrishnan, "New Directions in Solid State Chemistry. Structure, Synthesis, Properties, Reactivity and Materials Design", Cambridge University Press, Cambridge etc., 1986, 516 p.

    Chapters: Structure of solids: old and new facts (66); New and improved methods of characterization (45); Preparative strategies (36); Phase transitions (60); New light on an old problem: defects and non-stoichiometry (56); Structure-property relations (113); Fashioning solids for specific purposes: aspects of materials design (44); Reactivity of solids (54). 

G.R. Desirjau, Editor, "Organic Solid State Chemistry", Studies in Organic Chemistry 32, Elsevier Science Publ., Amsterdam/Oxford/New York/Tokyo, 1987, 550 p.

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Katzuhiro Sylvester Goto, "Solid State Electrochemistry and its Applications to Sensors and Electronic Devices", Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1988, 454 p.

    Chapters: Introduction (11); Ionic and electronic conduction of solid and liquid oxides and of other ionic compounds (28); Relation between the conductivity and diffusivity of ions in oxides (21); Diffusion of ions in solid and liquid oxides (29); Transport properties in oxides with multicomponent (35); Equilibrium electromotive force of galvanic cells with solid electrolytes of oxygen anion conduction (31); Galvanic cells with electrolytes with non-oxygen conduction (40); Overpotential at interface between a metal and an oxide with ionic conduction (35); Electrochemical kinetics at the interface between metals and liquid oxides with ionic conduction (35); Industrial application of oxygen sensors with solid electrolytes of oxygen anion condction (33); Solid-oxide oxygen sensors for the steelmaking industry (34); Various chemical sensors with solid oxides (39); Various oxides used for electronic devices (33); Appendices (44). 

R.C. Ropp, "Luminescence and the Solid State", Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1991, 453 p.

    Chapters: Introduction to the solid state (24); The point defect (44); Thermal analysis in solid state chemistry (27); Solid state reaction mechanisms (34); Growth of particles and particle properties (40); Growth of single crystals (66); Optical properties and luminiscence (48); Design of phosphors (78); Lanthanides and lasers (52); Solid state chemsitry applied to phosphors (36). 

Thomas E. Mallouk, Editor, "Advances in the Synthesis and Reactivity of Solids. A Research Annual", JAI Press Ltd., London.

    - Volume 1, 1991, 282 pp. Chapters: A. Manthiram & J.B. Goodenough: Chemistry of high-temperatrue superconductors (81); D.F. Eaton: Modification of optical properties of organic molecules by incorporation into inclusion complexes (52); A. Wold & K. Dwight: Preparation and characterization of conducting metal oxides (40); D.M. Walba: Ferroelectric liquid crystals: A unique state of matter (64); D.W. Murphy: Intercalation chemistry: Useful reactions, new materials and enhaced physical properties (36).

    - Volume 2, 1993, xxx pp. Chapters: G. Meyer: The ammonium ion for inorganic synthesis; J. Rouxel: The chemistry and chemical reactivity of low-dimensional solids: some soft chemical approaches to the synthesis of new solid compounds; A. Stein & G.A. Ozin: Sodalite, an old material for advanced uses; M. Yethiraj & J.M. Honig: Phase transitons in 3d metal oxides; D.C. Johnson: Controlling solid state reactions via rational design of superlattice reactants.

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